#10 Best Fathers Day Crafts Gifts for Your HERO

Fathers Day Crafts

Classic Car Father’s Day Card

If you’re looking for fun Father’s Day cards to make, here’s an idea that Can get your Wheels rotation! This Traditional Car Father’s Day Card is also just the item to make him smile On his particular day.

Any Dad Want to receive a handmade card such as this one and Will be proud to display it upon his desk at the job! Any dad who loves cars will adore this DIY Father’s Day, specially since it was produced by someone he loves most.

Make Your daddy feel special that this June by making him a card he will hold dear for a long time to come.


  • Car pattern
  • 2″ blue circles
  • two 3/4″ yellowish circles
  • Red Card-stock
  • Black Card Stock
  • Blue Card-stock
  • Pop upward arrows
  • Pencil
  • Grey or Metallic Card-stock
  • Glue
  • Dark soot distress ink
  • Sponge bit for painful


1. Cut pattern pieces out.
2. Distress edges of car body and hood with black soot ink.
3. Adhere hood to car body with pop up dots.
4. Glue two blue circles to car body as headlights.
5. Using pop up dots, adhere yellow dots over blue dots.
6. Glue top, front of black pieces and adhere to body as tires.
7. Take bumper and put pop up dots on sides of bumper(1½” away from edges),
and use regular glue for middle of bumper. Adhere to front of car.
8. Fold blue cardstock in half. Place finished car body onto top of cardstock. Make
sure top is flush with the fold and trace.
9. Cut out image, but do not cut the fold area of the car. This will form your card.
10. Stamp your sentiment onto inside of card.
11. Glue car to your blue cardstock. Trim as needed.

Dad Rocks Father’s Day Card

Of of the daddy’s Day cards to produce, these stone the maximum.
Cards may remind your daddy of the glory days like a Long-haired Dude at a rock group; you
Understand when he had been dating your mum. This trendy Father’s Day card thought from Fiskars Looks like a listing at a sleeve. Perhaps You was able to poke fun at daddy if he spoke In regards to the fantastic old days of vinyl records, nonetheless it makes him very happy to check at records in His collection.

Give him a miniature version of a few of the favorites. Follow these simple Measures to
Create daddy a rockin’ decorative card.


  • Vinyl adhesive-backed paper
  • Patterned card stock
  • White card stock
  • Chip board
  • Doublestick tape
  • Washi tape
  • Stamps
  • Ink pads
  • Embossing power
  • Heat gun
  • Fuse Creativity System and
    circle design set (including XL/
    XXL circle squeeze punch and
    ¼” circle hand punch)


1. Use your Fuse Creativity System and circle design set to cut several circles from
the vinyl adhesive-backed paper and chipboard.

Dad Rocks Fathers Day Card (2)

2. Punch several circles with the XL circle squeeze punch from white card inventory. Punch a small hole in the center of every white circle with your 1/four’” circle hand punch.

3. Use double-stick tape to mount a small white circle in the center of each vinyl circle. Stamp sentiments the usage of assorted rock and Father’s Day themed stamps. Use traditional inks on the paper center or embossing ink and powder on the vinyl element. Once the ink has dried or cooled, peel the backing off the vinyl paper and mount it at the chipboard circle.

4. Cut a strip measuring five” x 10.Five” long from a sheet of patterned cardstock. With
your strip jogging horizontally, degree 5 inches from the left aspect and rating vertically.
Measure 5 greater inches and rating once more vertically. Cut a notch from the primary
a section using your XXL circle squeeze punch.

5. Fold on the scores to create your small square album sleeve. Use double-stick
tape along the edges and backside of the sleeve to seal it closed. Leave the pinnacle open so that you can slip your album inside.

Dad Rocks Fathers Day Card (3)

6. Use your stamps, washi tape, and gildings to enhance your album sleeves.

7. Write a message at the again of every album and place it on the sleeve and
gift your dad with an unmarried or a vinyl stack that says, “Dad, you rock.”

Dad’s Kindle Keeper

Dads love their hi-tech toys, and in case your father is a bookworm, this is the fine techy toy craft that you’ll find. Make Dad’s Kindle Keeper by hand to present him the best
Father’s Day present he could in no way suppose to ask for.

This case will preserve Dad’s kindle safe even as reminding him of you. Go for a homemade Father’s Day present this year, he’ll thank you for it.

You can give him his Kindle case and perhaps supply him a gift certificate so he
should purchase some new books!


• One 9 x 12” piece of recycled crafting felt
• One 9 x 12” piece of scrap fabric (or organic fabric, if you don’t have the right sized scrap)
• One 6 x 1.5” piece of scrap fabric, for the flap closure
• One vintage button Sewing machine or needle and thread


1. Cut your large fabric piece in half of, so you have portions which can be each 9 x
6”, and reduce your felt into two 7.Five x 6” rectangles.

2. Sew you’re felt on three aspects, beginning on one of the long aspects and ending on a lengthy facet, so certainly one of the fast, top facets stays open.

3. Place your two nine x 6” material portions right sides collectively after which do the identical with them.

4. Fold the smaller piece of material over, so it now measures three x 1.Five”. Iron, and then stitch up the long sides, leaving the top open.

5. Leave the felt asis, then flip your bigger piece of fabric and flap right side out. You can push out the corners of the flap to make a square flap or leave the corners tucked in for a pointier appearance, then use your system to stitch inside the buttonhole
1/four” from the finished backside of the flap (the image at the proper is from earlier than I stitched the buttonhole):

6. Take the outer pouch and fold the incomplete area in by using round 1”, then iron:

7. It’s time to assemble! Tuck your felt pocket into the fabric pocket, so each open
sides are going through up. Pin all of the ways across the pinnacle.

8. Tuck the flap, unfinished side down, into the center of the pouch’s pinnacle seam, in between the lining material and the outer material. The flap needs to
stick out like this:

9. Now, you’re prepared to sew! Stitch across the pinnacle seam of your case.

10. Add your button, and also you’re all accomplished!

Father’s Day Desk Organizer

Why not provide your father some thing he can surely use this yr and make him this neat Father’s Day Desk Organizer? This organizer is the best gift for any dad, in particular if he regularly works from home. Spend a while this June creating something from the heart and try out this candy Father’s Day craft idea.

This Father’s Day gift can have your father smiling from ear to ear, and he’ll make sure to get masses of use out of it! Your dad will think about you every time he reaches for a pen or organizes his desk on the give up of the day.


Fathers Day Desk Organizer

• FolkArt ® Metallics- Taupe, 2 oz.
• FolkArt ® Metallics – Sequin Black, 2 oz.
• FolkArt ® Metallics -Silver Sterling, 2 oz.
• FolkArt ® Metallics – Copper, 2 oz.
• FolkArt ® Metallics -Peridot, 2 oz.
• Mod Podge ® Matte, 8 oz.
• 3 coordinating pieces of 12” X 12” scrapbook paper
• 7” x 9” wooden plaque
• 4” paper maché round box (not lid)
• Small paper maché chest
• Small wooden “old timer” car or similar
wood keepsake
• 4 silver brads
• 1 silver bead
• 2” 20 gauge wire
• 4 felt pads
• Paintbrush
• Sand paper
• Large sharp needle or 1/16” drill bit


1. Sand edges of the plaque and paint Sequin Black.

2. Paint interior of containers Peridot.

3. Detail paint automobile with Silver Sterling, Copper and Taupe and set apart.

4. Paint outdoor crevices of chest Sequin Black.

5. Decoupage plaque pinnacle and aspects the use of Mod Podge and coordinating papers. Allow drying after which follows an additional coat.

6. Decoupage containers using strips of coordinating paper to feature ornamental detail,
allow to dry and give the 2nd coat.

7. Make an ornamental “Dad” tag to attach to pencil holder with brads.

8. Using a big sharp needle or 1/16” drill bit, make holes to connect bead to the chest
and pilot holes in pencil holder for brads.

9. Attach bead to chest and “Dad” tag to pencil holder.

Father’s Day Love Mug

Father’s Day is developing and it’s important that your kids can be a part of the present-giving process. With this Father’s Day Love Mug your kids cannot best get worried, they can make a personalized present for dad too. This easy to make Father’s Day gift is an easy and thoughtful way to get the kids to no longer simplest display their love but their creativity as properly.
This 12 months, wake dad up with a heated cup of coffee on his very own, customized mug. He will consider you every morning as he pours his espresso.


Fathers Day Love Mug

• Mug (from Dollar store)
• Stickersyou can always find some in the 1.00 section of Target or the Dollar Store
• Sharpie Markers


1. Place the stickers on the cup to spell out what you need it to mention.

2. Color in across the stickers. I colored first and then introduced dots.

3. Remove the stickers. I colored in wherein the stickers have been with a black sharpie.This isn’t essential if you like it without.

4. I introduced an ornamental trim around the top and bottom of the cup.

5. Next, take your mugs and bake them in the oven at 350 for 30 min.

NOTE: I actually have examined that they’re dishwasher secure and I have read that they’re not. I will be hand
washing mine.

Father’s Day Tie Wreath

We love the Father’s Day Tie Wreath due to the fact it’s miles a adorable and creative way to add some home decor to your home on Father’s Day. Plenty of vacations are forgotten while it comes to decor, but Father’s Day no longer must be one among them with this hand-crafted wreath tutorial.

Give Dad a motive to smile when he opens the front door to peer a
wreath decorated just for him. This is one Father’s Day craft he’ll make certain to remember. Instead of giving your dad a brand new tie to put on, give him something that he can grasp in his take a look at or his closet.


Fathers Day Tie Wreath

• Wreath form
• 7 upcycled neckties
• Blue felt
• Cardboard
• Circle template (a small bowl would work)
• Marker
• Scissors
• Hot glue
• Letter stickers
• Red heart
• Red acrylic paint


Fathers Day Tie Wreath 1

1. To make the “megastar” in the nook of the wreath. Cut massive circles of cardboard and felt. Use warm glue to paste collectively.

2. Cut the massive give up off of 5 neckties. Glue it to the cardboard/felt in a celebrity shape.

3. Trace and reduce out any other circle to cowl the center of the ties.

Fathers Day Tie Wreath 2

4. Cut the smaller ends off 5 neckties and make a smaller big name shape.

5. Trace a reduce every other circle from felt. Glue on top.

6. Add letter stickers.

7. Hot glue them down for protection.

Fathers Day Tie Wreath 4

8. Paint the small timber heart pink.

9. Tie a completely “short” tie. Affix a decal and the wood coronary heart on pinnacle. Meanwhile… Wrap 6 ties around the wreath, securing with hot glue.

10. Use hot glue to stick the “megastar” on a nook.
Tie the tie in an opposite nook.

Fathers Day Tie Wreath 7
Fathers Day Tie Wreath 6

Helping Hands Gloves

Heartfelt items are the fine kind, and dads like to receive them from their children.
Grab your youngsters and make dad a couple of these sweet and accessible Helping Hands Gloves.

With his children’s handprints on his gardening gloves, Dad will by no means have a hassle getting a few paintings executed in the backyard. He will surely love feeling like his youngsters are supporting his work on every occasion he places on his paintings gloves.

Dad will love forward to when the children are vintage enough to work with him. This is one hand-crafted present for Dad that he’ll love to put on time and again.


• Gardening Gloves
• Tulip Soft Fabric Paint
• Kids
• Paint Brush


1. Paint your child’s hands with non-poisonous material paint.

2. Be certain to do the prints of your oldest toddler first, so the larger handprint is on the

3. Get your child to spread their hands aside and press their palms onto thegloves.

4. Repeat along with your more youthful toddler’s hand print, till finished.

5. Allow drying absolutely before gifting.

Quick and Easy Fabric Coasters

Quick and Easy Fabric Coasters are first-rate to make for any dad. Hell, in reality, make use of coasters while running at his desk or relaxing in the living room. Pick a cloth that
suits your dad’s workplace or even his personality and you’ll have a present set for Father’s Day.

Your dad goes to actually love those DIY coasters due to the fact they’re beneficial and
made by a person he loves more than something inside the world. He will use them each day together with his morning espresso.

You can layout these self-made coasters to suit his non-public fashion to make it even extra special.


• Two squares of fabric, each 5” by 5”
• Cotton batting


Quick and Easy Fabric Coasters 1

1. Lay one piece of cloth proper facet up, the opposite face down on pinnacle of it and the batting on the pinnacle of that. Stitch around the periphery, leaving 1 1⁄2” open for turning. Clip the corners.

2. Turn right facet out, pushing out the corners, and press. Turn the outlet to the inside

at the same time as urgent. Top stitch all of the manner round, near
the edge.

Star Daddy Frame

This Star Daddy Frame is the proper handmade present for Dad. He’ll love the handmade contact that this present offers, and to have a photograph of himself and his cherished ones to the region on his nightstand, or table of paintings.

Show your father how an awful lot you care whilst you make this DIY image body for him this 12 months. This is one Father’s Day craft that you’ll be satisfied
to make because you’ll understand simply how tons Dad will love it.

Put one among your favored snapshots of you and your dad into the picture body and he’s going to adore it even extra.


• 97055 Frame
• 919150 4” wood star
• 656286 Rusty Tin Star Garland
• 656836 Rusty Star Easel
• PS00500008 Old World Paper Stack
• 109660 Darice Wood Glue
• TW3784 Zots
• 189305 Wire cutter
• PV290017 Cricut Cartridge
• Cricut or Cricut Expression


1. Select a patterned cardstock shade. Flip your frame face down on the returned facet
of the patterned cardstock. Trace around the outdoor and the interior cut out. Cut
this out making sure you chop about ⅛” off so the frame will function a border to the
patterned cardstock. Attach this piece to your frame with timber glue.

2. Create a sample of your 3D wooden superstar by using the use of tracing paper, or via pressing around the lines with your finger to create creases for your paper. Cut the sample out. Use this to reduce out your portions to fit in your big name identifying which colors of patterned paper you would like. Attach with wood glue.

3. Cut 1” letters the usage of your Cricut and Cartridge and a piece of patterned cardstock. You can create anything identify you would really like. I used “Star Daddy.” Add your name as shown.

4. Trim your rusted megastar garland so most effective 4 stars continue to be. Attach this to the upper right-hand vicinity of your body using the Zots.

5. Next, attach your altered 3-D celebrity as shown overlapping the cord to your big name garland.

6. Insert your photo and area your frame on the megastar easel.

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