#Best Fathers day jokes 2018 to Make Him Smile

Fathers day jokes

A voice on the phone

The teacher talks on the phone with someone:
– You said that today Juan cannot go to school … Who am I talking to?
The voice of someone small answers:
– Speak my father.

School notes

Pedro’s dad:
– Let me check your school grade book.
– I do not have it here with me.
Pedro’s father:
– Why?
– I lent it to Joaquín because he wanted to scare his parents.

A didactic exit to the zoo

A boy is walking in the zoo with his dad. While both watch the Tigers closely, the father takes the opportunity to tell his son how dangerous these animals are.
After a while, the son asks:
– Dad, if these tigers go out of their place and eat you ...

The father looks his son in the eye for a few seconds and prepares to say something wise to calm his worries, but the son comes forward and asks:
– What train can I take to go home?

The benefits of water

Sofia interrupts her father while reading the newspaper in the living room of the home:
– Dad, could you give me another glass of water, please?
The tired father answers:
– Sofia, I understand that you have to drink a lot of water because it is good, but I have already given you eight glasses of water.
Sofia insists and explains to her father:
– Daddy, I need the water to put out the little fire in my room.


– How would you call two people who make you embarrass yourself in front of your friends?
– Mom and Dad!

Learning English abroad

A father sends his son to study English in London and at the same time he writes the following email:
– Son, I miss you so much. Am I going to visit you in Europe or are you coming home?
After a week the son answers:
– Yes.

The confused father answers him and asks:
– Yes … what?

Two weeks later the son replies:
– Yes, dad.

The lousy forest

The louse dad walks with his son mojito by the head of a bare and tells him:
– Son, when I was your age all this was a beautiful forest.

It is important to have empathy

A child asks his father:
– Daddy, are you a person with empathy?
Father: – Of course, son.
Son: – And open to dialogue?
Father: – Without a doubt.
Son: – Do you consider yourself a conciliatory person?
Father: – Of course.
Son: – I’m glad to know that, dad because you’re going to need all those qualities when you find out the reasons why I’ve been expelled from school.

Read a book

Susanita approaches her father to say:
– Daddy, do not you think it is worrisome the fall of interest in reading?
Father: – Yes, but run a little to the left, daughter, because you will not let me watch TV.

Electronic postcards of the future

The year 2045:
Child: – Grandpa, was my father very addicted to Twitter?
Grandpa: – Not much, my little Retweet.

Not to sleep

– Dad, dad, last night I dreamed that you bought me a bike. What does that mean?
– It means you were dreamed.

A clueless father

A child asks his father:
– Dad, dad, where are the Alps?
– Ask your mother who is the one who keeps everything.

The polar bear

A polar bear asks his mother:
– Mom, mom, are you sure I’m a polar bear?
– What question! Of course.

After a while, the little bear sees his father.

– Dad, dad, are you sure I’m 100 per 100 polar bears?
– No doubt, son. Why do you ask me that?
– I’m really cold.

Jaimito wants to get married

– Dad, dad, I want to marry my grandma.
– But how are you going to marry my mom?
– You have done it with mine and I have not told you anything!


father, like son – Dad, dad, do you remember that one day you told me that you suspended third? Well history repeats itself.

Dad and the moon

– Dad, dad, what’s farther away, Madrid or the moon? – You see Madrid, son? – No – And the moon? – Yes – So, what are you asking?


A boy pulls a policeman’s sleeve.
– Please help me. For a while, a man and my dad are sticking.
– Why did not you tell me before?
– Because my dad was winning.

Pure logic

– Dad, dad, is it true that dads know more than children?
– Sure, son, it’s true.
– Who was the inventor of the printing press?
– The inventor of the printing press was Gutenberg.
– But then, why did not Gutenberg’s father invent it?

Proud dad?

– Dad, dad, the teacher asked a question and I was the only one who raised his hand.
– Very good son. And what did he ask?
– Who had not done the homework?

Crafty child

– Dad, dad, can you do the math homework?
– No, son, it would not be good.
– Well, but at least you can try it, right?

“When you’re young, you think your dad is Superman. Then you grow up, and you realize he’s just a regular guy who wears a cape.” Comedians also give funny advice on parenting that all dads should take to heart.

“I gave my father $100 and said, “Buy yourself something that will make your life easier.” So he went out and bought a present for my mother.”

“Father’s Day is important because, besides being the day on which we honor Dad, it’s the one day of the year that Brookstone does any business.”

Being a dad must be one of the most significant moments in the life of every man. Giving life, protecting, caring and educating a child are not easy tasks, therefore, the merit for each parent is double.

And because we know that love is unconditional and that our parents do not need to receive so many beautiful words to know that we love them, even from this rostrum we can honor them with humor.

Here is a selection of the best memes, jokes, and photos that circulate through the network and that graph the meaning of being the real head of the family. Enjoy these jokes that you will see below and laugh with your father:

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