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Fathers Day Cards

Father’s Day is one of the most special days of the year, and to celebrate this special day, nothing better than to accompany the gifts with the best congratulations and beautiful cards. Is there a more beautiful and original detail than this one? We think not! Your father will love it when he sees it!


Father’s Day is an excellent time to recognize the men who have filled us with love. A true dad not only wants the best for his family but with love guides his children and makes them see how much he loves them. As parents are celebrated in many countries in June, we hope these free cards will serve you right now. You can print them, save them on your mobile or computer and you can also send them by text message, Whatsapp or by email. If you have a child, you can also ask them to decorate them with stickers or stickers, frost or glitter to give it an even more personal touch. Many of these cards also serve for grandparents or uncle.


The gifts made by the kids are the best, do not you think? Father’s Day is coming and nothing better to honor him than to prepare with the children one of these Some original Father’s Day cards! We bring you ideas to do with kids of all ages, from simple ideas for the little ones to more elaborate cards that the older ones will surely like.

We already brought you 3 easy Father’s Day cards, today we will see another five ideas to give dad something made by the kids with a lot of love. Do you want to see with me these


Father’s Day crafts?

Father's Day crafts

In the main image, we have seen one of the ideas to do with the bigger children. As a base, we will use a paper card for watercolors and in the front, we will paint a celestial sky with clouds. Once it has dried, with cardboard circles folded in half and stuck together, we will make the hot air balloon. Before sticking the balloon to the card, we draw a basket on another piece of paper, cut it out and stick it on the card and also attach the laces that will join the basket to the balloon. Above the laces we stick the ball we have made with the cardboard circles and our  3D Father’s Day card is ready.


Father’s Day cards, little monkeys with footprints

Father's Day cards, little monkeys with footprints

With the fingerprints of the kids, we can create funny figures, like these little monkeys that are hanging from a vine. With the thumb painted with brown tempera, we will make the body and the head with the index. When the tempera has dried up, we draw the details and stick a piece of string from which the monkeys hang.

Father’s Day cards, shirt

Fathers Day cards shirt

The cards Father’s Day shaped shirt is a classic, they liked me because they are very simple. We have to make a card of square cardboard and make two cuts parallel to the fold, the distance from the fold will be the width of the neck. Then we fold these flaps that have been left forward and we have the neck ready. We can decorate with a bow tie or a tie of another color and draw the details that we like the most. In the link below the image, you will see the step by step and here you can download the template if you need it.


Father’s Day cards, hands

Fathers Day cards hands

This idea is very nice to do with younger children. We simply draw the outline of the hand on a cardboard, cut it twice and then cut a strip of long cardboard and fold it into a fan. We paste each end in one of the hands and write the message that we prefer.


Father’s Day cards, for printing

Father's Day cards, for printing


To finish we leave you a Father’s Day card to print free that we showed you last year. It is a fun card to honor our favorite superheroes.

Did you like these original Father’s Day cards?


The parents gave us life. Yes, it is a simple phrase, a truth too obvious to think too much. But it is precisely in this capacity of naturalization that absolutely all the weight is lost. Those people were the ones who gave us the condition of possibility of everything: laughter, tears, experiences, gratifications, teachings and much more. It is understandable, once that thought, that we feel a kind of load without equal on our backs. Here, modestly, we think of a return for one of them. We present you 52 cards to print or send from Father’s Day. As always, we bring you the best material Do not miss the images!




Such a date has different dates throughout the world, so this post will serve immediately for some and for others will give the material in a better preparation. We say it again: the parents gave their lives and everything we do is a great debt to them, one that they do not want to acknowledge, in most cases, for the great love they profess to their children. Thanks, respect and a lot of affection is what this posting exudes through its material, which we hope will be your desires, it will serve you to make a different present, with a bit of originality.




Because respecting love is never enough. If we give we must not be mean, we can not and we know well. It is a truth that goes through the body: with whom we want we do not fall into the cold arithmetic of the passions and when it is hatched the love is lost enough, not to say everything.

Here we leave you a good number of images, 52 in total, ready to download, share and dedicate. They can act as gifts to the great father or as incentives, incentives to strengthen a relationship with them; that is, think a lot about it.

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