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Best Fathers Day Poem


The children’s poem ‘Remember Dad’ is a beautiful tribute dedicated to parents. A good

fathers day poem from son

idea for children to recite it on their birthday or on Father’s Day. Dedicate this beautiful poetry to dad to show him all your love.

The nursery rhymes help develop memory, improve Loud reading and intonation. They also encourage creativity and are very fun for both children and adults.


Poem for my Father in thanks

Thank you, Father, because I know that if you exist, life is a safe place.
Because I know that you will be watching my steps, as far as I go.
Because I know I will count on your support, whatever I do and where I am.
For showing me that life is a challenge, a challenge, and a gift …
Thanks, Dad.


My daddy is very good, just
like my mom,
she gets up very early,
I’m going to say hello.

I get on his knees,
and I start riding,
so, so Caballito, it’s so
good that it’s my dad.


You will teach to fly,
but your flight will not fly.

You will teach to dream,
but they will not dream your dream.

You will teach to live,
but they will not live your life.

However …
in every flight,
in every life,
in every dream,
the trace
of the road taught will always remain.


Do not always give me everything I ask,
sometimes I just ask to see how much I can get.

Do not always give me orders;
If sometimes you asked me for things, I would do it with pleasure.

Always keep your promises;
If you promise me a prize or a punishment, give it to me.

Do not compare me with anyone
If you make me look worse than others, I’ll be the one who suffers.

Do not correct me in front of others,
teach me to be better when we are alone.

Do not
yell at me, I respect you less when you do it and you teach me how to shout.

Let me fend for myself
or I will never learn.

When you are wrong admit it,
and the opinion I have of you will grow.

I will do what you do,
but never what you say and do not do.

When I tell you my problems, do not tell me I do not have time;
understand me and help me.

Love me and tell me, I like to hear you say it.


If you do not play with me now,
when you want to do it I will have grown.
That the harmony between you and mamà will
give me security before life and will make me
a winner or a frustrated one.
That your love depends on your love when
I’m an adult.
That I am very happy when you take me to
my bed.
That what I learn with you
I will remember all my life.
That if we pray together
I learn to communicate with God.
That the love and respect,
you show for our fellow men
will be the love and respect
that I have for them as an adult.
That I have personal interests as well.
I like to take part in family decisions.
And I need you as my best friend !.



4 years: My dad can do everything.
5 years: My dad knows a lot.
6 years: My dad is smarter than yours.
8 years: My dad does not know exactly everything.
10 years: At the time my dad grew up,
things were probably different.
12 years old: Oh, well, of course, my father does not know anything about that.
He is too old to remember his childhood.
14 years: Do not listen to my old man.
It’s so old-fashioned!
21 years old: Him? Please, it’s out of the loop, with no
possible recovery.
25 years: Dad knows a little about that,
but it can not be otherwise since
he’s already his years.
30 years: I will not do anything until I talk to dad.
40 years: I wonder how Dad would have handled this.
He was intelligent and had a world of experience.
50 years: I would give anything for dad to be here
to talk about this with him.
Too bad you did not appreciate how smart he was.
I could have learned a lot from him.



Those white, beautiful hair
that tired, deep talking
that reads everything I write
and teaches me so much about the world.

Those slow steps that now
always walking with me,
already run so much in life
my dear, my old man, my friend.

That life full of stories
and wrinkles marked by the wind,
memories of old victories
are tears crying in the wind?

Your sweet and serene voice calms me,
and offers me shelter and shelter, it
goes deep into my soul,
my dear, my old man, my friend.

Your past lives present
in the felt experiences,
and in your conscious heart
of the beautiful things of life.

Your frank smile encourages me
your wise advice I
grow up I open my heart and I tell you
my dear, my old man, my friend.

I have told you almost everything,
and almost everything is little,
compared to what I feel.

Looking at your
beautiful hair
I open
my heart my dear, my old man, my friend …
Looking at your
beautiful hair
I open
my heart my dear, my old man, my friend …
Looking at your
beautiful hair
I open
my heart my dear, my old man, my friend …


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Written by me or by another person?

This is the first important point. In this page, we are going to give you a lot of poems for parents, short and long, with different metrics and with more or fewer feelings. All of them very interesting and recommended to give as poems on father’s day.

However, our biggest recommendation is that you do not just give them away. It is preferable that you read them and get used to the idea of how the poems should be for Father’s Day, that you understand what is said in them and what they are talking about.

Once you have read them, at that time, we recommend that you write yours, so that you can say “I have written the poems for my dad”. There is nothing more comforting, both for you (for the effort made), as for your father, since you will notice that they are one hundred percent original, and that is invaluable.

Now, if it is the first time you write a poem, you will discover that it is not an easy job, and that is why we offer you a few poems for dads, with which you can be inspired and from which you can get enough information for that the one you write is unbeatable …


What should poems have for a father?

The poems for a father should have some basic elements so that the gift is worth remembering. Here we detail some of those elements that can not be missing in your poem for Father’s Day:

First, you must use the language you use with your father usually. If you use a word that does not appear in the dictionary but is normal in your home, use it in your poem. That will give naturalness and make your father see that you have written one hundred percent, and also will grace and bring tenderness to your poem.

Secondly, in a poem for dads, it is essential to refer to things that have happened in the family , especially among you. So, if one day you were punished because you broke a lamp, it is important that you mention it in the poem, and it is also important that you mention the bag of trinkets that you bought when you won the last soccer game. That kind of thing makes your poem very natural and your father will value it very positively.

Third, try to make your father feel special. After all, it’s your day. Therefore, although I have told you to refer to those punishments that you have applied, always do so in a way that the result is positive. For example, instead of saying “I did not like you punishing me”, you can say “You punished me, but I love you the same way”.

As you see, the most important thing in poems for a father is the naturalness and the use of experiences that you have spent together. You can ask yourself not to use the negative things in your poem, but if you use them, your father will see that, in spite of everything, you still love him, and that is a point that he will value very much.


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